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    legally protected by copyright "©".

    We have a lot of information, tips & tricks, news, interesting facts and game mechanics
    around SCUM. We hope that you feel comfortable with us quickly and you find new comrades to play.

    Before you start, it's important to first read our server rules and our game rules
    lets through to make it easier for you to play.

    §1. Preamble

    ▪️ Basically, the stay on our server is free, but you should be aware that we
    Refer you to inappropriate behavior from our Game & Discord server.

    ▪️ The following rules apply to the "Scum Bierbunker" Game and the "Scum Bierbunker" Discordserver.

    Server going on: 22.10.2019 19:08
    Servername: ![GER] BIERBUNKER PvP/PvE-2xLoot-Free Respawn-Shop-MaxCars-NoMech
    Discord Server: Scum Bierbunker

    ▪️ A personal interview (VOIP) is a prerequisite for obtaining the role "Survivor".
    ▪️ Support is Exclusively only on Discord.

    §2 General manners

    ▪️ Stay polite and objective.
    ▪️ Ingame you can not take admin or mod names as player names.
    ▪️ Respect other players and do not hinder them.
    ▪️ Do not use verbal abuse, fecal and vulgar language, pejorative (misanthropic, extremist,
    racist, sexist, pornographic, discriminatory) concepts and nothing as such
    could be understood.

    §3 Rules of conduct

    ▪️ Repeating a sentence, word or symbol (spam) multiple times is prohibited.
    ▪️ The predominant use of Capslock (writing whole sentences in capital letters) is prohibited.
    ▪️ Third-party advertising or the courtship of other members (fishing) is prohibited.
    ▪️ Threats, blackmail, disrespectful or provocative statements are to be omitted.
    ▪️ The exploitation and spreading of bugs on the server is prohibited.
    ▪️ Avatars or usernames may not be misanthropic, racist, sexist, pornographic or
    be discriminatory.
    ▪️ Changing Channels to disturb other people is not allowed (Channel-Hopping).
    ▪️ Formatting of a text is reserved for members with a leading role only.
    ▪️ The insertion of real imagery through external links, photos or videos that glorify violence
    are forbidden.
    ▪️ Public trading of in-game content (items) for real money is prohibited.
    ▪️ Members must follow the instructions of members with a management role.

    §4 Chats

    ▪️ To ensure the overview in the various chats, members commit to these

    No public:

    ▪️ Messages about supposed "cheaters".
    ▪️ Complaints, frustration or whining about this discordserver, SCUM or other server members.
    ▪️ political views.
    ▪️ double posts / answers.

    ▪️ These messages should be forwarded to our mods. These will be after reviewing the facts
    if necessary decide and act.

    §5 modifications and external programs

    ▪️ Modifications to the software "Discord" or "SCUM" are prohibited.
    ▪️ Using automated features (bots, macros), using external programs or using them
    Cheats (hacks) is prohibited.
    ▪️ Members who consciously play with cheaters / hackers are also banned without warning.
    Except here are members who create evidence or members who are only in an ongoing
    Raid learns that a teammate cheats.
    ▪️ text, image and sound material may be recorded for evidence purposes by a corresponding program,
    stored and the server of the server to be leaked. The publication of this material is the responsibility
    of the Server owners.
    ▪️ It is forbidden to post a cheat or extreme glitch guide.
    ▪️ Streamsniping is prohibited.
    ▪️ We do not support bugs that are triggered by modifications.

    §6 Support

    ▪️ The support only takes place in Discord, NOT ingame, as we are not online 24/7.

    ▪️ For support please make a ticket in # -support-ticket, then the admins / supporters will contact you

    ▪️ If a player is called into support by admins, this must be followed immediately.
    If this is not followed, it will be kicked by the server. If nothing happens after the second request,
    Depending on the severity of the offense, a 2h up to a perma ban is pronounced.

    ▪️ The support talk will take place in the beer bunker Discord in the language channel "Waiting for support".

    §6.1 Conduct with refunds

    ▪️ A screenshot or video proof must be created for the support, for the replacement of items / vehicles.

    ▪️ Nothing will be replaced without evidence.

    ▪️ In the event of abuse, tough action is taken.

    §6.2 Account

    ▪️ If you try to bypass a reference, for example, with another account, all will be with
    Actually related accounts permanently excluded from our Game & Discord server.
    ▪️ The sharing of account data (Discord identity) to third parties ("Account sharing") is also prohibited!
    ▪️ If your account violates the rules, you have to bear the consequences!

    §6.3 Complaints

    ▪️ If there are any violations of the rules, a screenshot or video evidence must be taken for support.
    ▪️ In principle, we endeavor to treat offenses in an appropriate manner. Should you
    feel unfairly treated, so you can sign up with our mods, supporters or admins.
    There, depending on the seriousness of the offense and evidence, your punishment may be diminished,
    or perhaps also completely lifted.
    ▪️ The server team is under no obligation to provide information about players, bans, kicks and other offenses
    or through internal processes.

    §6.4 Player Report

    ▪️ If you feel bothered by someone, have problems or questions or want to report a player,
    which obviously violates the rules, this is to be done officially. members
    who have been assigned a role are at your disposal. Please always turn to ours
    Mods or admins.
    ▪️ Targeted false reports are prohibited and will be punished!

    §7 Trade

    ▪️ Inquiries about trading can be made in the Discord at Cateyes.

    ▪️ Trading with Cateyes takes place exclusively in Trader Safe Zone B2.

    ▪️ Building is not allowed in the Tarder Safe Zone, the zone is only intended for trading.

    ▪️ You can find the price list in the trade channel.

    ▪️ Please sort the items you find for trading in a box. The box is also replaced again empty.

    ▪️ On Saturdays (purge day), trading only takes place until 4 p.m. ( CEST )

    ▪️ On all other days, trading only takes place until 10 p.m. ( CEST )

    ▪️ Please consider that the admins also have real life and cannot always react immediately!

    ▪️ Changes in the trade / black market system can occur.

    §8 General rules of the game

    On our gameserver there are PvP and PvE zones. The PvE zones are A0 and C0.

    ▪️ Per Squad from 1 - 4 players is 1 Car + 1 Boat allowed.
    ▪ Per Squad from 5 - 7 players is 2 Car + 1 Boat allowed.
    ▪ ️3 vehicles + 1 Boat are allowed per squad as of 8 players.

    No other vehicles may be hoarded in or at the base beyond the permitted number of vehicles.
    The parking of additional vehicles in claimed buildings is also prohibited.
    In addition, creating multiple squads to circumvent the vehicle limit is prohibited.
    The admins reserve the right to intervene.

    ▪ Only 1 flag per base is allowed (second flags to expand the base are no longer allowed)

    ▪ Foundation are to be put on the floor. (nothing may be used to build it on another place)

    ▪️ No building on/in Tunnels, bridge, roads and dirt roads.

    ▪️ No building on gas station / other gas station options

    ▪️ No build on jetties.

    ▪️ Trolling prohibited by players.

    ▪️ Trolling other players' bases ( with Flag ) is prohibited.

    ▪️ Abandoned flags and bases will be destroyed by admin after some time. (at the latest when the base's% number is only 40%)

    ▪️ Senseless claiming of houses in the PvP zone is prohibited.

    ▪️ Should you plan to move from PVP to PVE or PVE to PVP, please report it to an admin.
    Then you will get the information on what to look out for.

    §8.1 PVP Zones

    Please note:

    ▪️ Opposing boxes that are in a base or in a locked building,
    may not be destroyed, but may be looted or taken away.

    ▪️ Opposing bases may be raided (takeover possible), but not destroyed senselessly (wooden cabin´s or all walls)

    ▪ Wooden cabin's may only be cracked open. (because otherwise it will destroy completely the wooden cabin´s if you shoot the door)

    ▪️ Player in the PvE Zone must not be fired from the PvP Zone.

    ▪️ The PVE Zone is not a garage to secure the cars (if we notice that the cars are parked there permanently, they will be deleted)

    ▪️ PVP players are not allowed to own a base or a claimed building in the PVE zone.

    §8.1.2 PVE Zones

    Please note:

    Please note:

    ▪️ In the PVE zones (large green circle) you can only do damage to animals and zombies.

    ▪️ Enemy boxes that are in a base or in a locked building
    may not be destroyed, but looted if the base is not locked or barricaded.

    ▪️ Players in the PvP Zone must not be fired from the PvE Zone.

    §8.1.3 PVE Player bases / claimed buildings

    ▪️ If you build in the PVE area or claim a building you have to register this, go to the ticket #PVE Base register.
    There you can also see how you have to write the ticket to register your base or the claimed building.

    ▪️ Bases must be registered within 24 hours otherwise they will be deleted without prior notice.

    §8.2 Addition for PVE zones

    ▪️ The flag may not be overtake outside of the purge.

    ▪️ Base or player must be completely in the zone with the red dot for it to count.
    If you are not sure, please ask an admin or supporter about it.

    ▪️ A PvE player / squad is FORBIDDEN to raid a foreign base outside of the purge,
    entering open bases is at your own risk!
    You are a PvE player / squad as soon as you have a base / building in the PvE area. A base in PvE and PvP is NOT allowed.
    Of course, fights within the PvP zones are allowed and wanted.

    The rule cannot be circumvented by leaving the PvP team for a certain time.
    If we see the PvP players / teams claiming buildings in the PvE zones, these will be released immediately.

    §8.3 Purge

    ▪️ Purge takes place every Saturday between 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    ▪️ During this time, the same rules apply in the PvE zones as in the PvP zones.
    ▪️ It is prohibited to stay in the Scum safe zone for purge purposes. If an admin notices this, all players will teleport out.


    Not active in the moment

    §8.5 Car Wipe

    A vehicle wipe takes place every 2nd month on the 30th of the month at 8 p.m.

    §8.6 Base raid

    When building a base, make sure that the loot can also be reached during a raid.
    It is forbidden to build bases in such a way that you cannot reach the loot at all.
    (nothing may be dismantled so that players don't get a loot)

    § 9 Definitions

    §9.1 Kick

    With a kick, a player can be removed directly from the Discord server. The later reconnection
    is possible.

    §9.2 Ban

    A ban is a feature that allows the server team to throw a player from the Game & Discordserver.
    Banned players can not enter the server until their ban expires.
    Ban time depends on the severity of the offense. If you want to be unban, you should report in the channel application.

    §9.3 Copyright

    Posts posted by members assigned a management role may not
    copied and forwarded to other sites, forums or communities.

    §10 surveys / votes

    ▪️ Surveys / votes can be repeated at any time.

    ▪️ Admins can decide for or against, if there is a tie in a surveys / votes
    or there is a shortage (+/- 3 votes).

    §11 Admins as a player

    ▪️ No active base is attacked.
    ▪️ No locks are cracked. (only car cracked is allowed).
    ▪️ No extensive acts against players.
    ▪️ Teleport is only performed when players request support.
    ▪️ Admins do not spawn items that they use themselves.
    ▪️ Regardless of the trust of individual admins to the players, we do not provide any information
    from players to other players.
    ▪️ The Admindrone is only used to check if the players follow the server rules.
    For example, maximum cars, whether the roads or tunnels are not being built, etc. A switch back and forth
    is prohibited.
    ▪️ Admins are allowed to base building, loot, drive and shoot at enemies. (Everything as a normal player).

    These rules allow us to completely eradicate "Adminabuse".

    §12 Server Settings

    IP: - Slots: 68
    2x Loot - No Mechs - Zombie Damage x2 - Max. Zombies - Airdrops - More Animals -
    60 vehicles - trading system - Max. Ping 100
    Server restart every 4h (12:00 / 16:00 / 20:00 / 0:00 / 04:00 / 08:00)

    §12.1 Server Info

    Should the rain ingame longer than 30 minutes
    go and an admin is on.
    May this admin make nice weather again.

    §13 Rules

    The exploit of gray areas in the regulations is also punished.
    Each attempt, depending on the offense, can lead to a ban or permanent exclusion.

    §14 Donations

    This server is privately funded. If you are satisfied with our work and would like to support us.

    You are welcome to donate via PayPal.