Players breaking rules

      Players breaking rules

      In this one .. there was other videos but they couldn't be make out i have a potatoe computer and running video and playing doesn't work well lol. But Den is clearly useing his heli to hit me in trade and prevent my from buying and tradeing ... there was more but like i said potatoe.

      in this one i was 156m away from my Plot pole inside my Bubble of influence and Pechkln rammed me with a mozzie ... he wasn't allowing me to land on my base he was flying around me so i started to record.

      I have tons of recordings of these two players doing stuff like shooting missles at me in trade .. hitting me in trade ... parking so i can't buy.

      Recordings of them inside locked vehicles on there base attacking other players so they have god mode. but bat quility worse then these and no way to really tell and prove unfortuantly.

      but SO many players have left the server over these two and its really not fair they break rules and run people off and are ruining the game with their cheating.

      I'll keep making videos of them breaking rules in the hopes i get ones that actually show there name and you can see whats happening ...

      Its a fun server everyone has fun playing but when you see these two online its like okay time to log off i've seen alot of good people leave server over them and their childish antics.