I need you to explain!

    why???? you really ask why. im not a stupid admin, i check player in near from open safe is this in base. In the last few days I have often seen you and your friend KOZMO doing it as you have been trying to glitch in base. I have now seen you here for 3 times so you have tried, yesterday at the base bottom left on the map because you have tried again. I have been watching you all the time and you have tried again to come over stones in the base, you have already another tried this day at another base with KOZMO. Since I've been watching you for 3 times, I have halved your bank and next test glitch in to the base is permaban. I have always seen you and Kozmo, except your other friends were never there. imgur.com/a/7YFel3u a small photo, where you yesterday again by a stone in the base glitch want

    And if you had read it in chat, goliath wrote it was not about the base. And if it happens accidentally, I find it cheeky that you then put the safe inside and take the good stuff out and after call you admin, for tp out from base.
    SORRY this but that's just about brash.

    For me the topic is over and I will not discuss it further