​Arma 3 Epoch Released

  • Arma 3 Epoch Released

    Our Epoch Chernarus Server is running the latest version!

    [Changed] Trash looting is now done by interaction system only. Hold Space Bar and choose Examine.
    [New] Split gamemode from main assets, all epoch client gamemode code and configs are now found in the mission file under APL-SA license. github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch
    [Added] Support for CUP Vehicles and Weapons.
    [Added] Display temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
    [Added] Fully reworked loot object spawn system.
    [Added] Headers added to all gamemode files that include: Author, Description, Github Source link, Usage and Examples.
    [Added] All text based feedback now use new EPOCH_dynamicText function.
    [Added] Show current build number on debug monitor.
    [Added] Player Karma stat is now effected by Arma 3 rating system via Event Handler. More TBA.
    [Added] Players can now harvest Hemp from maps that it grows wild.
    [Changed] Can now over heat if fatigued and air temperature is greater than 100F or 37C
    [Changed] Crafting now supports Water sources from 'CfgWorldInteractions' configs.
    [Changed] Moved Cultist and Sapper permanently to enemy side.
    [Changed] Disabled remote sensors on server and client as all AI Epoch is locally controlled. community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableRemoteSensors
    [Changed] Repacked all pbo's to make use of the new 32-bit P3D binarization process. dev.arma3.com/post/techrep-00026
    [Changed] Massive code overhaul to make use of many new SQF commands instead of slower SQF logic.
    [Changed] Increased the amount of Krypto a player can hold from 25k to 250k.
    [Changed] Further improve loot positions in existing maps and add more missing positions for CUP maps.
    [Changed] General cleanup and reorganizing of files.
    [Fixed] Temporary direction and angle placement issues when base building.
    [Fixed] Force player to lobby if the player did not tapout after timer runs out.
    [Info] Required Arma 3 version is now 1.56 or higher.

    [Added] Support for Napf by Momo and ANixon steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635780806.
    [Added] Batch files to rebuild server and mission pbo's can be found in Github Root/Tools/Build folder.
    [Added] Updated version redis-server.exe to latest build (2.8.2400) and added full Redis config examples.
    [Added] limit to number of plant sites that can spawn. Can be controlled with "plantLimit" inside (CfgEpoch >> worldName).
    [Added] Support for Eden editor mission files (version 51) and attributes.
    [Added] Battleye filter updates for CUP Weapons and CBA.
    [Changed] Moved vehicle spawn limit configs to per map configs found in server settings pbo (CfgEpoch > WorldName > allowedVehiclesList).
    [Changed] Use BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler for onEachFrame, onPlayerConnected, onPlayerDisconnected to increase compatibility with other mods like CBA.
    [Changed] Lower disconnect timeout to 10 seconds with disconnectTimeout set via config.cfg. community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg
    [Changed] Mission system can now use missionConfigFile configs.
    [Changed] publicVariableClient calls changed to use remoteExec. This should provide better performance and reliability as PVC's can be unreliable under heavy use and can also bottleneck the games netcode.
    [Changed] CfgClientFunctions is now able to be overridden via description.ext.
    [Changed] Fully removed BIS MP init override and added remoteExec BE filter rule for initPlayerServer.sqf usage. (Still must be whitelisted in remoteExec configs to use)
    [Fixed] Incorrect scope on some magazine items prevented them from showing in the admin spawn menu.
    [Fixed] Reworked player login, fixes issues with players logging in without gear (when one or more players are logging in at the same time, IE. server startup)
    [Removed] Old BEC plugin as its not needed anymore.
    [Info] RConPort 2302 added to example-beserver.cfg for changes since A3 1.58.
    [Info] epochAH.hpp updated "antihack_checkFiles" for new file paths.
    [Info] Some AI Scripts Mods may not work with disableRemoteSensors enabled. You can disable with "disableRemoteSensors = false;" in CfgEpochClient.
    [Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0380.

    Build: 417
    [Fixed] Incorrectly enabled CUP vehicles and weapons support if only Core and Maps where enabled.
    [Fixed] Potential BE kick fixed.

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