​Arma 3 Epoch Released

  • Arma 3 Epoch Released

    Our Epoch Chernarus Server is running the latest version!

    Server is running CUP terrain pack! Downloadlink: armaholic.com/page.php?id=30046
    emoved support for AIA terrain pack in favor of CUP terrain pack

    [Added] Drinking a Soda now returns a Empty Soda Can (ItemSodaEmpty).
    [Added] Eating a can of food now returns a Empty Tin Can (ItemEmptyTin).
    [Added] Repack magazines feature. Simply select a magazine and press the "Repack" button.
    [Added] 55 Gallon (210 liters) Fuel Barrel that can be used to refill/siphon vehicles. (Full - ItemBarrelF,Empty - ItemBarrelE).
    [Added] Ability to siphon fuel from other fuel sources like gas stations and gas tanks (transportFuel > 0).
    [Added] Crafting Burlap (ItemBurlap) from 2x Hemp (ItemKiloHemp) while at a workbench.
    [Added] Crafting of Plywood sheets (ItemPlywoodPack) from 3x Wood Log (WoodLog_EPOCH).
    [Added] Crafting of Aluminum Bars (ItemAluminumBar) from 6x Empty Soda Cans (ItemSodaEmpty) and one jar of water (water_epoch). Also requires a fire nearby.
    [Added] Crafting of Tin Bars (ItemTinBar) from 6x Empty Soda Cans (ItemEmptyTin) and one jar of water (water_epoch). Also requires a fire nearby.
    [Added] Copper Bars (ItemCopperBar) that can be crafted from cables (ItemCables) nearby a fire. Cables can also be made from Copper Bars at a workbench.
    [Added] Briefcase Full (ItemBriefcaseGold100oz) crafted from ten 10oz Gold bars and a Empty Briefcase (ItemBriefcaseE).
    [Added] Crafting of Bars (ItemGoldBar and ItemSilverBar) from Gold (PartOreGold) and Silver (PartOreSilver) Ores.
    [ADDED-WIP] Pack/unpack empty backpacks into carryable magazine items.
    [ADDED-WIP] Hotwire Kit (ItemHotwire).
    [ADDED-WIP] Key Makers Kit (ItemKeyKit).
    [ADDED-WIP] Keys in colors: (Black ItemKey,ItemKeyRed,ItemKeyGreen,ItemKeyBlue,ItemKeyYellow).
    [ADDED-WIP] Metal Pipes (ItemPipe).
    [ADDED-WIP] Documents (Trash,Books,Vehicle Upgrades) (ItemDoc1-8, ItemVehDoc1-4).
    [ADDED-WIP] Light Bulb (ItemBulb).
    [Changed] Upgrading wood Stud wall and Tower to Plywood covered versions requires Plywood (ItemPlywoodPack).
    [Changed] Debug monitor now shows all custom stats dynamically based on 'customVarsDefaults' config.
    [Changed] Increased angle that the player is able to aim up.
    [Changed] Drinking Alcohol increases the new "Alcohol" stat instead of directly effecting blood pressure.
    [Changed] Crafting Hesco barrier now require 3x Burlap.
    [Changed] Crafting wood and metal spike traps now also require Sticks and a Hydraulic Jack.
    [Changed] Change all publicVariableServer calls to use remoteExec calls for better performance.
    [Fixed] Previous patch had incorrectly reduced armor values of the Cultist.
    [Fixed] Male(Female) characters lose vest items after equipping opposite sex's vest.
    [Fixed] Secure storage locking mechanism improvements should prevent any unwanted intrusions.
    [Fixed] Reworked login to prevent getting stuck at "waiting for inventory".
    [Fixed] Prevented death just after revive due still having high blood pressure.
    [Fixed] Incorrectly being able to sell/buy items from a dead trader.
    [Fixed] Snakes now require line of sight to bite player.
    [Fixed] Custom epoch swing animations for Hatchet and sledge now work correctly.
    [Fixed] Boss Sapper incorrectly cleaned up before detonation.

    [Added] Newly world spawned vehicles now have randomized damage.
    [Added] if 5th array element is true 'telePos' config array can now use world position for teleport pads location.
    [Added] Setting to control random magazine ammo counts in loot spawner. CfgEpochClient -> randomizeMagazineAmmoCount (default: true)
    [Added] Debug box now dynamically spawns with flood lights to help players see inside the box at night.
    [Added] CfgEpochClient 'WorldInteractions' config now stores all environmental loot classes and types for all supported maps.
    [Added] CUP terrain pack support added:
    - Sahrani
    - Southern Sahrani
    - United Sahrani
    - Porto
    - Utes
    - Chernarus
    - Chernarus Summer
    - Desert
    - Takistan
    - Zargabad
    - Shapur
    - Proving Grounds
    - Bukovina
    - Bystrica
    - Takistan Mountains
    [Info] For CUP, use double quotes around mod for spaces in folder Example: -mod="@Epoch;@CUP Terrains - Core;@CUP Terrains - Maps;"
    [Changed] Removed support for AIA terrain pack in favor of CUP terrain pack.
    [Changed] Empty fuel barrel added to large trash and vehicle loot tables.
    [Changed] Earthquakes with mineral veins spawn chances increased with less players.
    [Changed] Driver or passengers of a driverless can now control vehicle locks. Also only the owner can control locks from outside of a occupied vehicle.
    [Changed] Commented out Halloween masks from loot tables.
    [Changed] Player positions in database now use Epoch precision position functions.
    [Updated] New Battleye remoteExec.txt for added remoteExec calls.
    [Fixed] Admin tools map AI markers not working.
    [Fixed] Static propPos campfires not working on Takistan due to disabled simulation.
    [Fixed] When killed instead of saving blank array delete (object,trader,vehicle) data from database.
    [Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0370.

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