​Arma 3 Epoch Released

  • Arma 3 Epoch Released

    Our Epoch Chernarus Server is running the latest version!

    • [Added] Ability to sell Primary weapon from hands and empty backpacks. Thanks to @He-Man
    • [Changed] Increased max player load 2x to compensate for the new stamina system in 1.54.
    • [Changed] Increased backpack storage limits to allow carrying heavy/long weapons.
    • [Fixed] Updated Epoch armor stats UI system to support new changes since 1.54.
    • [Fixed] Changes to default Arma weapon configs to allow long (Lynx,etc) weapons to be stored in backpacks.
    • [Fixed] Unable to sell after attempting to sell a temporary vehicle. Thanks to @He-Man
    • [Fixed] Updated Hitpoints for all custom Epoch characters, fixes the hitpoint .rpt errors since 1.54.
    • [Fixed] Reduce run speed of Sappers since 1.54 update.
    • [Fixed] Wood tower "add/remove wall" options are now only available when build mode is enabled.

    • [Fixed] Typo in server side AH event handler code and repacked a3_server_settings.pbo.
    • [Fixed] Storage was incorrectly set to set damage to 99% instead of 1% to temp force maintenance option after restart.
    • [Fixed] Add player objects to remains collector, this should allow for proper corpse cleanup.
    • [Changed] Weapons will now only spawn with a single magazine and a random ammo count.
    • [Changed] Magazines now spawn with a random ammo count.
    • [Changed] Disable simulation of locked storage devices. This also prevents removal of items until device is unlocked/re-simulated.
    • [Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0360.

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