Arma 3 exile changelogs 0.9.34

  • Arma 3 Exile 0.9.34 "Coconut"

    Admin Info

    • Server wipe strongly recommended!
    • No database update required
    • No mission file changes required (since 0.9.32)
    • No BE filter update required
    • You need to use new keys


    • Fixed faulty "Need more inventory space" message
    • Fixed crafting returning wrong number of items sometimes
    • Fixed "Kick from territory", "Demote" and "Promote" not working correctly
    • Removed speed limit in trader cities
    • Fixed vehicle flipping
    • Fixed "Thermal Scanner Pro" not working on safes
    • Adjusted safe zone player name ESP to not show the names of invisible admins :)
    • Fixed the "Upgrade" menu option showing for objects you cannot upgrade.
    • Fixed the group HUD showing weird icons sometimes.
    • Fixed consuming / constructing not removing the item sometimes.
    • Fixed lighting a fire to remove a match instead of giving you one additional
    • Fixed physics build mode not working

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